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Poetry Booklet


I love to write. Specifically, over the years, I’ve developed a love for writing poetry, rooted in its concision, grace, and symbolism. I had piles and piles of poetry sitting around in my room that I had never showed anyone, which felt like a dang shame. So, I decided, “Why not create a collection from them?“


The title of this collection, A Slow Wander, represents my journey and thoughts consolidated into a few years of poetry. The title is also born from a habit I had as a child to get curious about my surroundings when I was out with family and slowly wander out of sight before anyone took notice. And although I may have gotten older, the inherent curiosity and exploration remains. The book cover is shown to the right. 

In this booklet, I took a very free-form approach, using design to create intrigue while not upstaging the text itself. I used the grid to place the stanzas, and later extracted short, key words and phrases that helped summarize the overall themes in each poem. The color palette for the booklet is uniformly represented in these key phrases and in the cover. I used a broad combination of yellow, blue, pink, red, and brown to represent a carnivalesque atmosphere; in the same way I explore with words, so too do I explore with color. 


All the sketches on ripped paper are my own, each representing a different tool needed for this sort of ‘journey,’ as I’m depicting. 


Additionally, I used notable imagery, particularly water, sand, and ocean imagery, since I feel most at home in the sun by the water. This is symbolic to me, too: No matter how far I would wander away, I would always find my way back home. Since the content is very reflective in the lessons and insights I’ve gained over the years, I chose the primary color in the imagery to be a serene pale turquoise, which is very dreamy while also indicative of the water.

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