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Collage Poster


This third project posed an interesting challenge of having trying to design a poster from scraps of what to many people would be seen as pure trash. I was most drawn to items like the scraps of a banana walnut wrapper, an old ticket stub, a grading book, a planner, some lettering from various magazines, and a patterned bag.


I designed this project at a time when I was struggling with someone I had fallen for, someone who I later realized I probably shouldn’t have. It didn't end well. “Twenty weeks of bad signals” signifies that I’d been given warning signs that this guy wasn’t right for me for weeks and weeks, but I chose to ignore them and assumed that it was nothing because I wanted it to work out more than I wanted to see the truth. I did get a little hurt in the end, but that kind of sh*t makes for good material. The torn paper on the top and bottom felt appropriate for a “relationship” (so to speak) that got torn apart. The ticket represents the “ticket” I bought myself when I willingly got into this whole mess with this particular guy when I went after him in the first place. The planner in the background is left empty because I felt there were unexplored possibilities with this guy that never got to happen between us before things with us unravelled.

The circles I added later because I felt like falling for someone, good or bad, can feel like an affliction or a disease you can't shake off. The word "BAD" is written in letters pieced together much like a ransom note, giving the poster a necessary ominous mood.

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