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America's Choice


My design for this container of half & half (time limit: 1 hour) started with the typography. I had an idea to play off the duplicity in the title "Half and Half" by literally mirroring the word "half" over the horizontal axis. I knew it would still be legible because the capital “H” was the same mirrored, and the name “half & half” is a recognizable enough term to understand immediately upon seeing it. I also made it big and bold in the text lockup for further legibility. I placed the required “America’s Choice” label above this lockup (horizontally), as well as on the roof (askew), as if going around the shortened form of the Half and Half logo. For this abbreviated version of the main logo, I created a simplified version of the original, just with “H and H.”


I chose to write out the word “and” instead of using an ampersand because it fit better in the lockup without as many weird curves and negative spaces. I also added a little half and half symbol of my own: two right triangles with fit together like a rectangle (which suggests the same shape as the “H” in “HALF.” I continued this concept of triangles, thus, on the main sides as well as on the roof and the base.


I kept the sides for the company information and nutrition facts white because I wanted to keep the design from looking too busy and off-putting, as well as for legibility. I added a callout ribbon around the box (top), too, to tie in all the sides together.


In terms of color, I wanted to pick appealing but also unexpected colors. I knew I didn’t want any colors that were too yellow in case it felt like it was suggesting curdled milk or anything of the sort. So I went for warmer brown tones and contrasting cooler green tones to catch buyer’s eyes. I tried to balance the use of the deep brown and the cooler green equally (halves). All in all, the concept of "halves" really the focal entity throughout the design.

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