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Visual Identity


I’ve always liked fashion and the creativity behind it, devoutly watching shows like Project Runway every week to see what designs would be made next. So I decided to create my own fashion brand—the look, the logo, the vibe, and the personality. The result was the brand Hunger.


I knew I wanted the brand to be for women, with an emphasis on celebrating of the female body no matter how tall, short, big, or small. I’ve always believed that real beauty has no set standard. I titled the brand ‘Hunger,’ out of an observation from my study on touch: there is a noticeable difference between the feeling of high quality materials versus poor quality materials on someone’s skin. Hunger’s primary angle is that our clothes are made of high-quality, soft, luxurious fabrics that a woman’s skin craves. The clothing is tailored to flatter women’s bodies no matter who she is or how she looks.

The signature hook in the logo is representative of their slogan, One touch, and you’re hooked. The brand belief (as underscored in the brand guidelines, right) is that once customers get a feel for the clothes and try them on, they’ll fall in love with the product. Hunger as a brand therefore highly encourages women to touch the clothes and try them on.


The color palette for the brand is fun, feminine, and energetic. It incorporates a bright peachy pink with a lively lime green, balanced by more neutral skin tones like deep brown and tan shades. The repetition of diagonal design elements also communicates the spirit of the brand. The imagery and photography of the brand is all about embracing sexiness and femininity to the fullest. The photos often feature natural white light, and they picture women being beautiful and confident in their own skin.


In all of the designs for Hunger, there is also an emphasis on highlighting negative, clean white space. This creates a sense of lightness, airiness, and freedom.

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