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Kara Walker is a contemporary silhouettist, sculptor, filmmaker, printmaker, and installation artist. Her powerful work covers a scope of topics ranging from race and identity to gender, sexuality, and violence. If you don’t recognize her name, you may recognize her work and art style.


As I looked further into her work, I had a real admiration not only for her brilliant work but for the courage she has to be so candid and daring amidst heavy, often charged topics. Therefore, I began imagining what her MoMA exhibition design would look like and how I could make it representative of her message.


In these designs, I paired Kara’s own paper cut-out characters with my own supplementary font and shape creations. In the shirt (right), as well as in the bus shelter poster and brochure, I made my own unusual contorted font and gnarled shapes to give a showcase to her characters as well as to draw attention to the exhibit title and additional information. The title of the exhibit, Be the Heroine, Kill the Heroine, is inspired by one of Kara’s own quotes in which she said, “A lot of what I was wanting to do in my work and what I have been doing has been about the unexpected...that unexpected situation of wanting to be the heroine and yet wanting to kill the heroine at the same time.” That quote struck me, and I thought, “That would make a great title.”

My collection of designs for this exhibit aimed to capture and reflect the power and fascination that Kara Walker generates in all her art, while also giving respect to the subject matter of each piece.

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