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Senior Thesis


The sense of touch is something I’ve grown more enamored with as I’ve gotten older. I chose this topic firstly because I felt that so much of graphic design dealt in the visual, and occasionally in the auditory. I wanted to expand the conversation into an unexpected sense. Secondly, I chose to look deeper into the topic of touch because to me, touch was more than an engine for daily tasks. Touch is communication, understanding, and connection. It’s gathering information that subsequently becomes a part of you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This then led to my inspiration for the book title, Made to Touch, Made of Touch.


In this booklet, I wrote an essay based on all my research into the topic of touch and how important it is to humans. I also paired this writing with textural imagery that speaks to the notion of how diverse contact sensations can be and how much exploration can come from it. In addition, I alternated the text-central spreads with even more unrestrained collage-type spreads.


The color palette of red, pink, and white is an allusion to the passionate nature of touch, not just in a romantic sense, but also in its ability to evoke powerful and vivid responses. The red and pink are also indicative of how, as we become made of all we touch, it is then rooted in our skin and more deeply in our blood.

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