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Wine Labels


This project began as an exploration of how I could represent the four elements (air, water, earth, and fire) in a visual form, and later apply that form to the package design. Therefore, I created these elemental creatures, first as basic sketches, then as Illustrator-rendered graphics. The creatures are based partially in reality (bird, whale, deer, and lion) and partially in a fragmented fantasy.


Following the design of these creatures, I had to decide what kind of package design would best suit their application. I chose wine labels, so I could pair the elegance of the designs with the simplicity and sophistication of fine wine. The name I decided on, Séduire, translates to ‘seduction’ in French. I felt the name Séduire applied best to the brand because it represented the seductive quality of the medium along with the curious allure of the exotic creatures representing each variety of wine. The final addition to the project included signature color-coded bands around each type of wine, so that returning customers could identify their preference quickly and efficiently when browsing the aisles.

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