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Vinyl Cover


Another interest of mine has always been rock music. Rock music, to me, is the embodiment of energy, passion, drive, and grit. Therefore, I set to designing an album cover for a rock band I created called Silver Spiders. 


Although many people harbor a deep and fervent hatred for spiders, there’s something about them I find kind of beautiful. And after I took notice of their silvery intricate webs, I thought Silver Spiders would make a great band name. I would later improve on my original design and translate the standard CD album cover into a vinyl album cover, since vinyls are collectible and nostalgic.

Much of my inspiration for this project came from some of my favorite rock bands including Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Seether, Volbeat, and Skillet. For the logo, I created an abstracted spider shape with sharp angles, almost like a kind of rune symbol. For what had formerly been a grey and white gradient fill in the logo’s original design, I later improved upon by adding a metallic Photoshop effect for texture and intensity. I also created a dark, brushed-metal texture for the background. 


I let the logo stand alone on the cover of the vinyl on this self-titled album, without any supplemental text. This felt like the right move since the logo would be immediately synonymous with the band and the impact of the cover alone will catch people’s attention and draw them to flip to the back. The back features a clean, minimal approach, with the track list for both sides of the disc accompanied by the band name and some small silver drops (which I also created in Photoshop) to imply vitality, that of silver blood.

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